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Report from the Summer school in Vrsac, Serbia

Under the patronage of the Aikido Association of Serbia, and organized by the Aikido Club "Vrsac", this summer again, the traditional Aikido Summer School was held under the leadership of Quaranta sensei. 


16 - 20 JULY 2007


Six years in a row, Aikido Assotiation of Serbia is organizing a summer aikido school led by Michele Quaranta sensei. This year it took place in the town Vrsac in Vojvodina, Serbia. It was organized with a great success by the aikido club "Vrsac". In the complex of JAT Flight Academy, where the event took place, the conditions are perfect for the needs of an Aikido Summer School. A gym, outdoor terrains, excellent rooms and great food. All that for a very low price.

michele hojoThere were around 55 aikidokas, among which there were guests from Netherlands (3), Switzerland (5) and Macedonia (6), which makes this school international as always. The exchange of the experiences with others is always useful because it helps us to form a wider look on Aikido practice.

The theme of the school was MA-AI, a correct distance. Quaranta sensei has elaborated the theme trough all forms of aikido practice, so we trained aikiken (sword) and aikijo (staff), and of course Hojo was an add-on which enriched our knowledge and experience.

The daily schedule was as follows:
07:00 - 08:30 - Hojo training
10:00 - 12:00 - Aikido training indoor
17:00 - 19:00 - Aikido training indoor mixed with outdoor weapons training (aikiken or aikijo)

This schedule may look exhausting - three trainings per day does not leave you time for anything else but training, eating and sleeping, but this also enables a complete mental rest, as for 5 days you have nothing else to think of, except aikido! All other worries and problems are gone in this period.

If only the temperature was lower, it would have been perfect!

I wish AAS to continue the tradition and to get together even more aikidokas next year!