Besides Aikido and Hojo, Ikeda sensei also taught Genki Kai.

Genki Kai purpose is relaxation, breathing and meditation. However, these words are often used today, so we are not paying much attention to them. We must live them to be able to fully understand them.
Genki Kai exercises are a form of gymnastics. If we take the Aikido exercises as gymnastics in standing position, then Genki Kai is gymnastics practiced in sitting and lying position. Parts of the exercises in the sitting and supine position form a cycle which can be repeated as many times as we want or need. Ideally, once a day. The most important thing is to work on breathing techniques while performing some of the basic elements.

Forms are processed so that the body massage itself through pressure on several important points that correspond to the vital meridians of our body. Here we are approaching the Shiatsu and Yoga exercises. Genki Kai is sometimes exercised alone, and sometimes with a partner.

Some of the unconditional exchanges of energy, not always noticeable over time, continuously happen with a partner, and in ourselves. Therefore, Genki Kai exercise, although it does not seem so, may be a special kind of test in the sense that the effects are not always immediately apparent.

Genki Kai exercises have some positive effects on our body, which acts as an internal cleansing or reorganizing our energies.

As shown in the figure, the various exercises related to the four (or five) natural elements, and thus with the techniques of Aikido.