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Michele Quaranta in Sofia

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On invitation of the Bulgarian aikido association up front with Edward Germanov sensei (5th Dan Aikikai, Quaranta sensei held a weekend seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 18th and the 19th of October. The seminar was announced as the most attractive seminar for this year in Bulgaria, and it lived up to the announcement to its fullest. Around a hundred aikidokas from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Serbia and USA took place at the seminar.

The starting trainings were held by Germanov sensei, and he presented beautiful aikido through various inventive forms. After him, Quaranta sensei explained the basic principles of the didactic system of Ikeda sensei, and woke up great interest among the participants.

Quaranta sensei has visited Sofia in the past as Ikeda sensei’s assistant, but for the first time now as a teacher.


Edward P. Germanov Sensei – 5th Dan Aikikai, was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on 1966.

He starts to training Aikido on 1987 under Georgi / the Big George/ Penev Sensei – The founder of Aikido in Bulgaria.

From November 1990 to July 2001, he was training under late Shihan Fumio Toyoda. He followed him for seminars in Europe, Hawaii and Japan.

He founded Bulgarian Aikido Association on 1991 and now he is the Head instructor of this organization.

From 2001 he starts to lead seminars in Serbia, Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, UAE – Dubai, Oman and USA.

From 2003 to 2006 he was AAI technical director for Europe and Middle East.

2006 he left AAI and founded his own international organization – Tendokan Aikido International with dojos in Poland/4, Greece/4 and USA/15.

Form 2001 he starts to train Grappling and MMA under Gokor Chivichyan Sensei. Now he is president of Bulgarian Grappling and MMA Federation and 5 level in grappling.

Germanov Sensei trained also Shodo and Zen under Toyoda Shihan and Tajiri Sensei and Muso Shinden Iai under Ivanov Sensei.