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Aikido week in Switzerland

Experiences are accumulating and learning never stops.

Last weekend was held the announced seminar in Nushatel, Switzerland, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the club "Dojo de Neuchâtel - Espace Culturel" led by Eric Graf 3.Dan Aikikai. Invited were 10 aikido teachers from several countries and each gave one training. Together with the initial and final training of the host, in two days we had 12 trainings. A lot. But just in another circumstances that would have resulted with dissatisfaction. A pleasant atmosphere that reigned until the very end, even though fatigue was also present, gave enthusiasm to all participants to devote to practice.

neuchatel aikido 2011

12 different teachers, 12 different approaches to teaching, 12 different expressions, but only ONE Aikido. Our martial art is like any other art or science. And each of us will learn a thing or two, much or very little, shallow or deep, but no one can learn it all and that's good because it will remain as a reason to meet and exchange new experiences.

Following the end of the seminar we had the opportunity to practice on a regular training in Neuchatel, then we visited the club in Oftringen and finally in our "Aikido mecca" - Basel, with our teacher Michele Quaranta. All experiences more then beautiful.

I give gratitude to the host for the given trust and honor to teach at this seminar together with 9 other guest lecturers. I thank to all who participated in the jubilee seminar of the Neuchatel club and hope that these seminars will become a regular practice to get together more often.