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The traditional aikido happening – Aikido trophy of Belgrade took place last Saturday (25th of October) in Belgrade. This year the trainings were held by Michele Quaranta sensei and Jelena Vrzich sensei as representatives of AAS and Mirko Jovandich sensei from AUS. The participants were able to see three different points of view towards aikido and learn many lessons from each of them. Our dojo took part with three participants.

On Sunday, at the dojo of the Seishin aikido dojo from Belgrade, there was an examination for numerous Dan grades in AAS and awarding of the diplomas from the previous examinations. The instructor at our club, Damjan Cingarski, received his diploma for 1st Dan.


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On invitation of the Bulgarian aikido association up front with Edward Germanov sensei (5th Dan Aikikai, Quaranta sensei held a weekend seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 18th and the 19th of October. The seminar was announced as the most attractive seminar for this year in Bulgaria, and it lived up to the announcement to its fullest. Around a hundred aikidokas from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Serbia and USA took place at the seminar.

The starting trainings were held by Germanov sensei, and he presented beautiful aikido through various inventive forms. After him, Quaranta sensei explained the basic principles of the didactic system of Ikeda sensei, and woke up great interest among the participants.

Quaranta sensei has visited Sofia in the past as Ikeda sensei’s assistant, but for the first time now as a teacher.

Seishin aikido dojo has invited Jelena Vrzic sensei the last weekend (26th and 27th of September 2008) to give two trainings on which she will present a part of her expirience from her last one month visit to Hombu dojo in Tokio, Japan.

We thank Jelena Vrzic sensei for sharing it with us and we thank he organizers for giving the opportunity.

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The second seminar from the series of teacher's seminars for instructors who teach according the didactical system of Masatomi Ikeda shihan 7.Dan Aikikai was held from 30-th of May untill 1-st of June 2008 in the capital of the Czech Republic. The 1-st one was held in November 2007 in Basel. This time everybody was there: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Macedonia, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine and Switzerland.

Like the first time, Quaranta sensei leaded the seminar this time also. Its subject was the 6-th kyu examination program, i.e. what about it should the teachers know and what should be expected from the students. Also, an explanation was given about why Ikeda sensei made the 6-th kyu, concerning the fact that in Aikikai usually the first kyu is the 5-th.

Everything went in a pleasant atmosphere and the seminar ended successfully.

You can see more photos by clicking the next one.

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This was far the most successful seminar we had untill now in our dojo! And of course, we don't intend leaving it there. We hope for the following ones to be even better.

The guests we had from Bulgaria, Serbia, Switzerland and Macedonia were more than satisfied from what they have learned from the master Michele Quaranta. We had most pleasant atmosphere at the seminar full with positive energy.

We had also a very good examination for almost every KYU. Congratulations to those who passed. :)

We are all looking forward to our next meeting with our teacher Michele Quaranta!!



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From 11-th untill 13-th of April 2008 our teacher Michele Quaranta from Basel, Switzerland will be a third time guest at our dojo and will give a weekend seminar which is open for every interested aikidoka to participate.

The place of the event is the gym of the Karate club RABOTNICKI (close to Beverly Hills shopping centre). Don't miss the opportunity!

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The last weekend we had our sixth seminar in our dojo, which was led by the teacher Eric GRAF.

A marvelous seminar! Without writing the usual phrases describing how great was the seminar and how much we enjoyed it, I only want to thank all the guest who supported this seminar with their presence and to specially thank Sander van Geloven who came all the way from Netherlands and made this seminar international. :)

Looking forward to see each other again soon!

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On 15-th and 16-th of February 2008 the teacher Eric Graf from Neuchatel, Switzerland will be a guest at our dojo and will give a weekend seminar which is open for every interested aikidoka to participate.

The place of the event is the gym of the Karate club RABOTNICKI (close to Beverly Hills shopping centre). Don't miss the opportunity!

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The Aikido Association of Serbia, as it traditionaly does, will organize a 5 day summer school in Vrsac, Serbia. This 5 day event will begin at 16-th of July and end at 20-th of July 2007.

The school will be led by Michele Quaranta sensei 6th Dan.

More info in the PDF invitation from the organizer. (here)